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Happy Whole You

Apr 20, 2020

In this episode Anna Marie interviews Emily Schromm. Who was the first person to invite Anna Marie on a podcast - Her Podcast "The Meathead Hippie Podcast."

About the guest:

Emily Schromm is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, personal trainer and serial entrepreneur who helps others empower themselves by way of food and movement. Her journey with nutrition began after realizing she could use food to heal from the inside out, and her passion for teaching others how to do the same, specializing in gut health, adrenal repair and herbal remedies, has led to a career spanning five companies and three verticals of business including online programming, physical products, and a brick and mortar gym, Platform Strength in RINO, Denver. She most recently self-published her first book, “The Process,” and launched an online monthly digital publication, EMPRESS.

Anna Marie shares her love for "The Process?" a book that is unlike any other book you have read, and it was very inspiring and relatable for Anna Marie.

What this episode covers:

  • The Story behind Emily Schromm’s Book, “The process”
  • Taking on Cruz control
  • Being able to Slow Down
  • The idea of “The process”
  • Find the root of the reason
  • Treating yourself as the second person
  • Finding a stress-free space
  • Healthy eating during COVID
  • What’s next for Emily?

Quotes from the episode

“You want so badly to make it, even though we might not know what we’re trying to make it too.”

“It is amazing when we actually slow down, then things just come to us”

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