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Happy Whole You

Sep 28, 2020

In this episode, Anna Marie gets to share the inside scoop on her new energy revitalizing, brain Supporting, calm releasing nutraceutical supplement line. Stay tuned to hear what these products are for, what they do, and how they can help you. 

What this episode covers: 

  •       Introducing the Happy whole you supplement line (00:00-02:32) 
  •       What is Bright you? (2:33-6:44) 
  •       What is Calm you? (6:45-11:51) 
  •       What is Happy you? (11:52-16:25) 
  •       How to pre-order supplements? (16:26-18:36) 


Quotes from the episode 

“We took a ton of amazing effective ingredients and formulated them into 3 products to enhance brain function.” 

“I have used these on myself and now I have used them on many clients, the results leave your brain feeling restored and thriving.” 

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Find the HappyWholeYou Nutraceutical supplements here 

You can find vital proteins products here 

You can find Brain MD products here  

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