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Happy Whole You

Jun 8, 2020

In this episode Anna Marie talks about The Seven chakras and their physical signs as well as how to set affirmations for each chakra. Tune in to learn about how you can activate your seven different chakras and how you can work with your own chakra energy.


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Find “A Little Bit of Chakras: An...

Jun 1, 2020

In this episode Anna Marie talks about the essential mineral Zinc and how it helps with cell growth and cell development, it also helps with your Immune system functions and includes many other benefits as well. Stay tuned to hear how Zinc can help you and your health.


What this episode covers:

  • The Benefits of...

May 4, 2020

In this episode, Anna Marie talks about magnesium and how there are seven different forms. Magnesium is very important and serves many functions, it is essential to all the cells in the body as well as enzymes. Stay tuned to hear how magnesium can help your body.

What this episode covers:

  • Intro to magnesium
  • Things that...

Apr 27, 2020

In this episode Anna Marie interviews Andrea Woroch, who is a nationally recognized money-saving expert, writer, speaker and on-air contributor who is passionate about helping Americans find simple ways to spend less and save more so they can create their dream life without making major sacrifices. They talk about...

Apr 20, 2020

In this episode Anna Marie interviews Emily Schromm. Who was the first person to invite Anna Marie on a podcast - Her Podcast "The Meathead Hippie Podcast."

About the guest:

Emily Schromm is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, personal trainer and serial entrepreneur who helps others empower themselves by way of food...