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Happy Whole You

Oct 25, 2021

Most everything you do is done based on how you feel. You sleep in because you feel tired. You eat junk food because you feel entitled or you deserve it (for whatever reason). You shop because you feel you deserve something new. You get upset with our boss because he hurt your feelings. You skip a workout because you...

Oct 18, 2021

Jealousy is an ugly word surrounded with bad energy. But Jealousy is also a very complex emotion that deserves some unpacking. The interesting part about feeling jealousy is that it forces us to look within and reflect. We feel jealousy for two fundamental reasons. One, we are witnessing a quality within someone else...

Oct 4, 2021

IIn this episode, Anna Marie Frank talks about a few different planets like Jupiter ruled as plants, and of course other planets and the plants they rule.
"After three days, a plant that gets bullied, that plant will die in 30 days."
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“Stop Bullying Yourself,” “Becoming...