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Happy Whole You

Feb 10, 2020

How and why Beauty by Earth was started. Prudence and her partner wanted to start a product line that is clean and affordable. She has a child that needed these clean products and she wanted all people to be able to afford these amazing products. One product can take 2-3 years to bring to market.

Prudence thought she was using safe products but was disappointed to find out not all her products were safe. Labels do not tell you everything you need to know. Marketing can confuse us. All natural doesn’t mean it is safe. Sulfate and paraben free is a great start but there are other ingredients that are not safe. 

The top three things Prudence says to look out for when choosing a product. It was hard for her to just pick three things but the three she shared were parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

Be aware of the word fragrance on the bottle. Fragrance is toxic and can contain many harmful products.  Beauty by Earth sticks to essential oils and fruit and plant extracts only for their fragrances. Companies that have products with “fragrance” in them sometimes don't even know what is truly in that word “fragrance” because it is proprietary to the formulator who created that smell. Simple essential oils smell great and are safe. 

Anna Marie shares the product that got her hooked on Beauty by Earth products.... The Self Tanner. It actually works and smells great. The other product is the deodorant

Let’s talk deodorant. This is a great product to change out and go 100% clean with. Aluminum is in many deodorants and can get into our breast tissue and lymph nodes. Be aware and men can use this. Be aware of “antiperspirant.”  Your body naturally detoxes out of the skin and armpits. We do not want to disrupt this. 

Switching to clean products can cause a detox effect with the body (which is natural) and a rash and other things happening should not scare you away. Using a mud mask under your armpits can help speed up the detox impact. Give your body time to get back into homeostasis. Give these products some time - they work.