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Happy Whole You

Sep 13, 2021

In this episode, Anna Marie Frank interviews the founder of Keto Kamp, Ben Azadi. Ben shares how and when he got engage to keto lifestyle. How his situation before became his turning point to actually change. Also reading books helps him a lot to overcome his trials in life.

About the Guest: 

Ben was a former obese men and now a 3x best selling author. Also a podcast host of the top 15 Keto Kamp Podcast, and a national speaker. He created exclusive programs that are designed to solve the clients' biggest health problems. He helps the people to have be healthy in a faster way that can they imagine.

What this episode covers: 

  • The turning point of Ben's life and his journey towards his six pack abs (1:00-3:55)
  • The different kinds of diet that failed me (4:00-4:45)
  • Reading Books are powerful (5:00-6:00)
  • Difference between dirty and clean keto (6:00-9:30)
  • The signs that you're doing your keto wrong (10:00-11:40)

Quotes from the episode 

"You can have your six pack abs. But if you're not mentally strong and with that six pack mindset. You know, honestly, can exercise all that long, until you can make your brain right."

"Using other people's work and that's the best thing about books."


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